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The following lists show the books, book chapters, scientific papers and popular articles produced by the Viticulture, Olive and Rose (VIOR) Research Group (MBG-CSIC), for olive. For more information you can check on the links below the references.

Books and book chapters


Scientific articles (SCI journals)


1.Gago, P., Boso, S., Santiago, J. L., & Martínez, M. C. (2024). Identification and Characterization of Relict Olive Varieties (Olea europaea L.) in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. Horticulturae10(2), 175.

2. Gago, P.; Santiago, J.L.; Boso, S.; Martínez, M.C. (2019). The forgotten, ancient olive trees of the Spanish northwest. A first molecular and botanical analysis. Spanish Journal os Agricultural Research. 17 (2): e0702

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Scientific articles  (NON-SCI journals)


1.- Martínez, M.C.; Santiago, J.L.; Boso, S.; Gago, P. (2019). Bases científicas para la creación de una DOP o IGP “Aceites de Galicia”. Almazara. 17: 36-44

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