Biological Mission of Galicia - VIOR

Grapevine collection of the CSIC was installed in 1993 in the MBG-CSIC, following a previous study started in 1986 in the IIAG-CSIC, undertaken by Dr. Mantilla with the participation of Dr. Martínez and the collaboration of J. Enrique Pérez. After the death of Dr. Mantilla in 1992 the work carried on, undertaken by Dr. Martínez, who installed the collection in the MBG-CSIC.

Previously to the installation, a meticulous prospection of Galicia and Asturias vineyard areas was done. Many of them were represented by centenary specimens (200-300 years old), some of them unpublished. In the MBG-CSIC, an herbarium of the original grapevines, a collection of seeds and several photographic materials are preserved.

In 2012, a new line of research began: the recovery of Galician native olive tree (Olea europaea L.), to carry out their botanical description and studies about adaption to different areas of Galicia, as well as, the establishment of the bases for the creation of a DOP “Aceites de Galicia”.

In 2017, a new line was incorporated: the characterization of an antique cultivated Asturian Rose (Rosa narcea) from which its botanical, molecular and agronomic description was made. The analysis of volatile compounds, polyphenols and other of interest in the field of cosmetics, medicine and food is of special importance.

VIOR Group



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Who are we?

Research group founded and run by Dr. Martínez since 2000. The group is also composed by three more doctors: Dr. Santiago, Dr. Boso and Dr. Gago, and the technician Elena Zubiaurre.


Where are we?

We are in Pontevedra (Spain), in the Galician Biological Mission (MBG-CSIC).